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Sonivox 250mb Gm Soundfont

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Sonivox 250mb Gm Soundfont

I am trying to -viddump a demo, and I'm not getting the music for some reason. According to this thread, portmidi and SDL don't work with -viddump. Now that I've changed to fluidsynth, the music sounds like crap. Can anybody recommend me the "best" soundfont to use for Doom midis? Searching Google is overwhelming, 'cuz there are literally thousands of them out there...

Some cool soundfonts which I using:airfont 380 final.sf2Arachno SoundFont - Version 1.0.sf2ChoriumRevA.sf2Musyng_Kite.sf2 (probably the biggest, almost 1gb!)Reality_GMGS_falcomod.sf2

Guess I'll use the bump to link my soundfonts folder (minus the commercial stuff, of course). This will probably be helpful for some who are looking for some new soundfonts to try.Link to folder: =1TbLOvr6GwqrxteWH8RD7Z7Q7t8q-vsIe

Now, as for recommendations, I'm just going to say that the vast majority of soundfonts are not going to sound "correct" in old games because the instrument balance is inevitably going to get thrown out of whack. You'd be surprised at the number of soundfonts that make no attempt to sound balanced or even usable for General MIDI playback. Even fewer are able to play some of DOOM's more unusual MIDI sections properly (the "DOOM" voice in the intro of DOOM II Map 5 and the marching sounds in DOOM II Map 31 are two effects that a lot of soundfonts and MIDI synthesizers screw up). Another problem that happens with certain soundfonts is when the Overdriven and Distortion Guitar presets use the same samples, so E1M1 ends up with pretty bad phasing (AWE32's 1 MB GM bank is guilty of this).However, there are a few that stand out for varying reasons:

* 1mgm.sf2 - This is an SF2-compatible version of the classic AWE32 1 MB General MIDI synthesizer.* Voice Crystal 4 MB GM v4.1 by Eye & I Productions - This is a commercial soundfont made by the same company that made the original GUS patches. This soundfont is probably the closest to the Roland SC-55 in terms of balance and consistency, and is one of my favorites. However, I cannot share it because this one is a commercial product.

* Arachno Soundfont v1.0 by Maxime Abbey - A popular free soundfont optimized for classic DOS games. Not perfectly well-balanced, but the instruments are very "big" and high quality. One of my favorite soundfonts.

* sYnerGi GS - A formerly commercial, professional soundfont that has "Totally balanced instruments [so that] the bank will play all standard midi files without any problems with dynamics or otherwise." However, there are playback-breaking flaws (see my _readme.txt linked above).

* Utopia Live! 2.0 - Another formerly commercial, professional soundfont. There are 4 versions: Default Stereo Panned Percussion (P), Light Edition (P LE), Pianos Enhanced (P PE), and SteroID Percussion (S). This soundfont "has a unique warm/ambient sound and a huge effort has been made to get it as close as possible to the 'balance' of the Roland SoundCanvas and thus ensure correct MIDI playback with nearly all types of music." I don't really like the electric guitars, though; I think they're too muddy.

Examination of the soundfont's samples reveals that there are indeed a number of samples that are not mapped to any keys. Let's take the bagpipe for example. The bagpipe instrument refers to 6 samples, the lowest pitched of which is BAGPP64A. The instrument is set up so that BAGPP64A's key range is 23-69, and its root key is 65. There are two issues here: First of all, GM presets' key ranges should always start from 0 for the sake of full compatibility with all MIDI files (some MIDIs may play instruments well out of their realistic octaves to create various effects, although this is rare). Secondly, there is a sample that has not been mapped to this instrument: BAGPP53A. This unused sample should be mapped to the bagpipe instrument. BAGPP53A's root key should be 54, and its key range should be 0-57, but as this sample has not been mapped to the instrument, it does not get used at all (the other sample, BAGPP64A, is used for those lower notes instead--the pitch is still correct, but the timbre is noticeably different). I have referenced SCVA (SC-55 map), and found that sample BAGPP53A is indeed supposed to be mapped from 0 to 57. The other unused samples in the GZDoom soundfont are likely the result of similar issues with other instruments. E.g., the Bottle Blow instrument uses the sample BOTTL72 with a key range of 0-109 and a root key of 72, while BOTTL84 is unused.Edit: I mapped the BOTTL84 sample to the Bottle Blow instrument, and set BOTTL72's key range to 0-83 and BOTTL84's key range to 84-127. However, there is another issue: BOTTL84 sounds horribly out-of-tune because it has incorrect loop points. So, I had to manually adjust the loop points to fix that sample's pitch: I adjusted the loop start to 984 and the loop end to 1005. Now the instrument seems to sound correct, although I think there is actually also a S_SAXA2 sample that is supposed to be mapped to the higher notes.It seems that Sound Canvas soundfont was the result of a less-than-graceful conversion (to be fair, the 1996 Sound Canvas samples were already of a poor quality to begin with).

While the Genesis Soundfont will of course play MIDIs, keep in mind that the soundfont is not fully GM-compatible, so GM music played with it will have different instrument mappings and occasionally missing instruments.

I use eawpats and Silverspring15.sf2 for GZDooM's Timidity++ and they all worked, at least on latest GZDooM dev. build: g3.7per-9-g4ac43dac3(x64) and I see no error or warning in the console, and it sounds great so I think it works. Make sure your timidity.cfg was correctly setup and point to the soundfont's full directory. 350c69d7ab


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