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Push It

At a 1986 concert, police thought Salt-N-Pepa were singing "pussy real good" instead of "push it real good" and waited for them after the show to arrest them. They showed the police the written lyrics to prove them wrong.[4]

Push It


Push it remodels the concept of broadcasting messages and notifications by giving users the power to push their creative communications directly to followers, no matter how many they have. Using other broadcast mediums such as Twitter and Instagram, users typically can only reach about 10% of their followers. If they want to reach larger percentages, middle-man apps often have to be used and can add anywhere from 1 cent to 10 cents per message. That means a single broadcast to 100,000 followers could cost as much as $10,000.

Push it is a broadcast messaging app for iOS that lets social media users push messages and notifications to as many followers they want. Users only need to download, push it, choose a username, and begin broadcasting. The app is free to download from the Apple App Store.

We see this frequently in healthcare. My background is in ED Nursing and EMS, and in my roles in these fields, we pushed each other daily in efforts to get THEM to do things the way WE want them done.

Frito-Lay is enacting an aggressive Super Bowl push this year as snack sales remain resilient. Its Lay's brand is returning to the event with its first ad in 17 years. The mysterious campaign, which has dropped two teasers, centers around actor Seth Rogen. PepsiCo's beverage lineup will also be front-and-center, as Pepsi is the halftime show sponsor, though the soft drink isn't running an in-game spot.

An Azure container registry stores and manages private container images and other artifacts, similar to the way Docker Hub stores public Docker container images. You can use the Docker command-line interface (Docker CLI) for login, push, pull, and other container image operations on your container registry.

Always specify the fully qualified registry name (all lowercase) when you use docker login and when you tag images for pushing to your registry. In the examples in this article, the fully qualified name is

Optionally install the Docker Extension for Visual Studio Code and the Azure Account extension to work with your Azure container registries. Pull and push images to an Azure container registry, or run ACR Tasks, all within Visual Studio Code.

In the first screen you can see that if a person were to push a wall within a typical household the wall would not move while keeping themselves tractioned to the floor. If you push hard and do not traction yourself, you move back.

In screen two if you push a person with no space behind them they will move back, always, or at least have the potential. A 10 year old kid could push a 7'4", 680 lb. person back, but the wall doesn't move despite nothing being behind it. Here are the official questions:

A wall is not just standing on the ground, its contact with the ground is made fast by foundations. Pushing against it is pushing against a system wall + ground. Since it is in addition a very rigid solid, it will transmit all of your push to the ground. You can probably be convinced that the resistance of this system to motion is much greater than yours.

Before considering pushing a person, consider pushing some heavy box which is just standing on the ground, and is stable enough (wider than it is tall). Above some minimum force that is needed to overcome friction with the ground, you'll be able to move it -- unless there is something behind, as you state, which will add its own resistance to this pushing motion (but wouldn't resist a pulling motion).

This is what would happen with the person you're pushing, unless he is either prepared for it (feet apart, high muscle tone, as a wrestler would do e.g.) or unless he moves back to maintain his balance -- this is a postural reflex .

Now sometimes when you push objects, they don't fall over - they slide backwards. This happens in cases where the torque needed might be greater than you apply, but the frictional force between the object and the floor is not very high. The force of friction is a function of the normal force (the weight of the object) and the coefficient of friction. This is why it is easier to push somebody backwards on a smooth floor when they are wearing socks than when they have sneakers on.

You can push your container images to an Amazon ECR repository with the docker push command. Amazon ECR also supports creating and pushing Docker manifest lists, which are used for multi-architecture images. Each image referenced in a manifest list must already be pushed to your repository. For more information, see Pushing a multi-architecture image.

Authenticate your Docker client to the Amazon ECR registry to which you intend to push your image. Authentication tokens must be obtained for each registry used, and the tokens are valid for 12 hours. For more information, see Private registry authentication.

"I just started going, 'What if I just kind of pushed it a little bit further?' " Giddens tells NPR's Renee Montagne of her funky version of "Black Is the Color," a folk song popularized by Nina Simone.

I'm always interested in [the fact that] the largest settlement of Scots-Gaelic-speaking Highlanders in the 1700s was in North Carolina, and there was cultural interactions between them and the natives who were there and the African-Americans. I mean, it was just kind of a fascinating history to me, and I love being able to push that musically and ... try to represent that in my own way.

Meet the all-in-1 Push-in Spring motor starting solution. Now available with new connectors and busbars for faster installation, easier wiring and reliable performance. Save up to 50% wiring time with Push-in Spring compared to conventional spring solutions. And the connections are just as reliable. So for speed, ease and reliability, just push it.

The Sentry range of safety relays is available with push-in terminals that speeds up installation and eliminates the need for retightening terminals after transportation or in applications with vibrations.

If push configuration only works with sorcery configured objects, and only PJSIP uses sorcery, it seems of little use.I use ARI to play music-on-hold to calls and would really like to be able to dynamically configure new moh classes (upload some audio files to a directory, then use ARI to create a new class to use that directory, and have some calls use that new class). How close is asterisk to allowing that (or can it do it already)?

Suppose you exert 200 N on your refrigerator and push it across the kitchen floor at constant velocity. What friction force acts between the refrigerator and the floor? Is the friction force equal and opposite to your 200-N push? Does the friction force make up the reaction force to your push?

The reaction force is the force applied by the body on an object. Hence, the friction force will not exert the reaction force. Also, the friction force does not make up the reaction force to the push. 041b061a72


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