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Marine Sharpshooter 3

Q: I have found dozens of these colorful insects on my tree. I am concerned because the tree limb is weeping exactly where I saw these insects. What are they?A: The photos you showed me are of the Blue-green Sharpshooter, Graphocephala atropunctata. Like all true bugs, sharpshooters have piercing-sucking mouthparts, which they use to tap into and feed upon xylem or phloem tissue of plants, which is why you see the sap leaking from the tree limb. Sharpshooters and their close relatives the leafhoppers are some of the most colorful insects which they use as camouflage. They often have elaborate pattern in colors of red, green or yellow. These insects are incredible jumpers. Sharpshooters are gregarious and often seen in large numbers together. If threatened, they move directly opposite the threat. Sharpshooters have large eyes for excellent visual acuity to avoid detection and capture by potential predators. Woody plants, including grapevines, are favored for feeding and reproduction. The list of plants on which it regularly feeds is enormous, but it favors some plant species over others, especially for laying eggs. In ornamental landscapes in residential areas or parks, it favors roses, fuschia, ivy and a variety of ornamental shrubs or trees.Adult blue-green sharpshooters are long-lived. There is usually only a single generation per year. Most females require a period of cool temperatures to mature reproductively and do not lay eggs until the following spring. A high percentage of adults survive the winter, but not much is known of their behavior during winter. The most important concern regarding sharpshooters is they can be vectors of bacteria. If they are carriers of bacteria, plants can become infected by their piercing/sucking feeding habits.Management suggestions are from University of Florida/IFAS Features Creatures. Recommendations include foliar applied actamiprid and soil applied imidacloprid.

marine sharpshooter 3


Judd said Riley, a former Marine who served as a sharpshooter in both Iraq and Afghanistan, seemed to have targeted his victims at random and appeared to be suffering from mental health issues. Judd said Riley's girlfriend told authorities Riley had been slowly unraveling for weeks and repeatedly told her that he could communicate directly with God. 076b4e4f54


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