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Ep 214 - Google Drive !!TOP!!

Luke believes that managers have a primary responsibility to execute on a task. The job of a manager is more tactical, technical, and requires more attention to detail. Their days are driven by priorities. As a result, managers have a skill set that is different from the one required of leaders.

Ep 214 - Google Drive


Leaders, as discussed, have different responsibilities and a different set of skills. Leaders have the job of inspiring people toward a vision. They need to exert influence to get the resources and cooperation necessary to achieve the vision. They need to drive people to be their best. And they need to ensure that tasks properly align with the achievement of the vision.

Assuming that once you're done making a document in markdown you want to convert it into a true google document (as opposed to being able to preview the document in the google drive web interface and continue editing in markdown syntax) so that others unfamiliar with markdown can collaborate I've found the following fairly quick:

Google docs is ready to have HTML pasted in so it'll preserve all the headings, spacing, lists, and other formats. Of course this only makes sense if you just want to personally work in markdown, but collaborate with others in a regular google doc.

(i) The Secretary of Energy, in cooperation with the Secretary of State and the heads of other agencies, as appropriate, shall identify steps through which the United States can intensify international collaborations to drive innovation and deployment of clean energy technologies, which are critical for climate protection.

Undercover cop Nova is called to an aid drive by one of corrupt Congressman Kilbride's associates to associate a charitable face with the administration. Meanwhile, Jet and Malachi attempt to get the abandoned Staten Island power plant back online, keeping McClane apprised by phone. The special squad wants to attempt to infiltrate the main power plant, but Stabler's worried that Wheatley's already thought of everything. He wants to distract Wheatley by offering his soul. The scene cuts worryingly to Bernadette and Miles enjoying a drink and an impromptu band. Miles convinces her to come outside and dance, despite Stabler telling Bernadette not to leave the apartment. They dance, but the threat of something ominous hangs in the air.

Stabler is in a panic. Wheatley's made it too personal, taunting him by refusing to say where Bernadette is. They finally meet face-to-face (well, face-to-chain-link-fence-to-face at first) and Wheatley claims Bernadette's unharmed for now, but without food or water or her much-needed lithium. Angela pulls up to drive Wheatley away and says she's sorry that the women in men's lives always become collateral damage. Wheatley gloats that Miles was his man, too, while Angela lets Elliot know that Bernadette will be going live again soon as she drives Wheatley off to the jet. He creepily tells her they're bound together and Angela clearly is more annoyed by him by the second. He gloats that he always wins in the end. But does he? 041b061a72


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