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Quantum Of Solace 2008 720p.mkv

The plot of Quantum of Solace follows Bond as he teams up with Camille Montes (Kurylenko), a Bolivian agent who seeks revenge against Dominic Greene (Amalric), a ruthless businessman and member of a mysterious organisation called Quantum. Greene is plotting to stage a coup détat in Bolivia and gain control of the countrys natural resources. Bond and Camille must stop Greene and his allies before they unleash chaos and destruction.

Quantum of Solace 2008 720p.mkv


Quantum of Solace was directed by Marc Forster and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and Paul Haggis, with uncredited rewrites by Craig and Forster. The films title is borrowed from a 1959 short story by Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. The film features stunning locations such as Italy, Austria, Panama, Chile, and Mexico, as well as impressive stunts and special effects. The film also has a memorable theme song performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys.

Quantum of Solace was released in October 2008 in the United Kingdom and in November 2008 in the United States. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Craigs performance and the action sequences but criticised the plot, the editing, and the lack of humour. The film grossed $589 million worldwide, making it the fourth-highest-grossing James Bond film at the time.

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  • Daniel Craig was injured at least three times during the production of the film. He suffered a cut on his face that required four stitches, a shoulder injury that required six screws to be inserted, and a finger injury that sliced off part of his fingertip. He joked that his finger wound would enable him to have a criminal career, though it had grown back when he made the comment.

  • The films title was taken from a short story by Ian Fleming, but the plot had nothing to do with it. The producers chose it because they liked the sound of it and because it reflected Bonds emotional state after losing Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. The title also has a double meaning: quantum is the name of the villainous organisation, and solace is what Bond seeks throughout the film.

  • The film was shot in six countries: Italy, Austria, Panama, Chile, Mexico, and Wales. Some of the locations were used to double for other places, such as Panama for Haiti and Chile for Bolivia. The film also featured some iconic landmarks, such as the Siena Cathedral, the Bregenz Opera House, and the Atacama Desert.

  • The films opening car chase sequence was one of the most difficult to film. It involved 12 Aston Martin DBS cars, each costing 200,000, and several Alfa Romeo 159 cars. The stunt drivers had to navigate through narrow roads, tunnels, and traffic at high speeds. One of the Aston Martins ended up in Lake Garda when a transporter driver lost control of his vehicle.

  • The films theme song, Another Way to Die, was performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys. It was the first duet in Bond history and the first rock song since You Know My Name by Chris Cornell. White also composed and played the drums for the song. The song received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

Quantum of Solace is a film that showcases the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in its production. It is a film that offers a glimpse into the world of James Bond and his adventures. If you want to learn more about how Quantum of Solace was made, you can watch some of the behind-the-scenes videos available on YouTube or Dailymotion. c481cea774


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