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Mastercam 9.1 Download LINK

I think you can upgrade V9 files from X5 or X6 (I could be wrong but I seem to remember upgrading a load of V9 files when I first came here and I think we were on X5 or X6). You might still be able to download those from CNC.

Mastercam 9.1 download

now, my situation is this, by necessity, I've had to learn to run the cnc machine/and some gcode, however mastercam program is beyond me. If we need to get programming/mastercam work done, it's done by an outside source.

my only ambition has been to perhaps learn how use mastercam, and using the version already installed, and with the old hardware seemed the wisest choice, however, the software being stolen, I have not bothered to learn it.

This leaves you with 3 options:1. Upgrade to Mastercam 2018 or downgrade to Solidworks 2016. 2. Export the files out of Solidworks as a STEP, or a Parasolid (.x_t) so Mastercam can read it.3. Upload your sldprt file to Grabcad Workbench and then download it as a STEP so Mastercam can read it. (I've done this method flawlessly many times) Here's a tutorial on how to do it: How to convert CAD files in Workbench

Mastercam X7 is an imposing CAD/CAM application for the machinists as well as engineers. It has been equipped with the latest machine tool control technology. This application lets you model various different parts, molds and fixtures quickly by using integrated solids, surfaces and wireframe. You can also download Mastercam X6.

Mastercam X7 has got a new Deburr toolpath which is a new toolpath got Multiaxis. It is used for breaking edges for 3 to 5 axis and for removing the burrs. This toolpath can be used with the following tools which includes Ball end mill and Lollipop with undercut. It ha also got a new toolpath known as Model Chamfer Toolpath which is available for the 2D machining. This toolpath lets you machine safe horizontal chamfers on solid models. It has also got Prime Turning Toolpath and new Solid Hole function. It has got built-in data translators for IGES, Parasolid, AutoCAD, Solid Edge and SolidWorks to name a few. All in all Mastercam X7 is a very useful CAD/CAM application for creating different CAD designs. You can also download MasterCam 2018.


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