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The Red Lion The Elixir Of Eternal Life 1946 Pdf __TOP__

The moon rabbit or moon hare is a figure in Asian folklore who lives on the moon. The rabbit is usually depicted as pounding with a mortar and pestle while making the elixir of life drink.

The Red Lion The Elixir Of Eternal Life 1946 Pdf


The little bells of the caravan mules are again ringing. Again, steep ascents of the mountain path. Again, we encounter travelers, each carrying his own secret of life. Again tales about local spiritual treasures, about memorable places. Again the heroic sword of Ghessar Khan is lit in the rock. And again caves and peaks of the sacred pilgrimages are before us. The eternal travelers pass us with their packs upon their back. Not faith alone, but an unconquerable attraction to this strange life entices them along the difficult mountain paths.

The life of an artist is not an easy one. But because of this very eternal struggle, this life is a beautiful one. For eighteen years I have been connected with India, and long before I had already felt the virility and essential strength of its growing self-expression. And now, observing the glorious development of Indian Art, so manifold, I see how true was my first impression.

It is truly beautiful if amid the turmoil of life in the waves of unsolved social problems, we still may hold up before us the eternal Flambeaux (torches) of peace in all ages. It is beautiful, through the inexhaustible well of love and tolerance, to understand the great movements, which connected the highest knowledge with the highest aspirations. Thus in studying and admiring, we are becoming real cooperators with evolution, and out of the brilliant rays of Supreme Light may emerge true knowledge. This refined knowledge is based on real comprehension and tolerance. From this source comes the great understanding, rises the supremely Beautiful, the enlightening and enthusiasm for Unity. Contemporary life is changing rapidly; the signs of a new evolution are knocking all doors. In real unconventional science, we feel the splendid responsibility before the coming generations. We understand gradually the harm of everything negative. We begin to value enlightened positiveness and constructiveness, and in this measure, in merciful tolerance, we can prepare for our next generation a vital happiness, turning vague abstractions into beneficent realities.

On the scrolls of command, it has been inscribed that a spiritual garden is daily in need of the same watering as a garden of flowers. If we still consider the physical flowers the true adornment of our life, then how much more must we remember and prescribe to the creative values of the spirit of the leading place in the life which surrounds us? Let us, then, with untiring eternal vigilance, benevolently mark the manifestations of the workers of culture; and let us strive in every possible way to ease this difficult path of heroic achievement.

The very traditions of Art we must safeguard and inroot in contemporary life. Whence else will come the nobleness of spirit? How else will grow the dignity of personality? Whence will descend the realization of broad cooperation and mutual trust? From the very same inexhaustible source of radiant, blessed creativeness. Life is transformed by the achievements of Culture. Difficult as they may be in the time of narrow materialism, we know that these achievements will be the moving force of humanity. Light is one, and the gates to it are verily international and accessible for all who seek light. Darkness is admitted only for the time of sleep, but, verily, it is not for sleep that humanity perfects itself through millions of years.

Attentiveness in life will not be conventional and a morbid abstraction. On the contrary, the more attentive is man, the more beauty will open up for him. Every minute of concentration and silence, he will consider as one more merging into the beautiful height. He will think over and guard more carefully that which has been accumulated by him earlier. And the accumulated is not phantom-like, but of the spirit-eternal.


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