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Riichi Mahjong Scoring Pdf PORTABLE Download

An up-and-coming riichi mahjong client (made by the japanese this time) with the same philosophy as Mahjong Soul: mahjong with gacha waifus. And has an English language option. Still has a fairly small playerbase thanks to mahjong soul sucking up most of the target audience, but it's steadily growing and you can help out with that. The gacha is a lot more forgiving, there's animated emotes and set phrases, and you can actually see the wall this time.

riichi mahjong scoring pdf download

This is one of the more tedious parts of mahjong. Of course counting points is automatically done for you in video games, but it's still an essential thing to learn for players wanting to get into the game seriously. Not only does it help you save face in irl games, you can also calculate what kind of hand you must get for that comeback. Riichi Book 1 has a good section on scoring techniques so go check that out first. 076b4e4f54


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