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How to dress for the Christening?-Guests and family in 2023

You are invited to a baptism party and you have no idea, yes; Is there a baptism mom dress code for the event? Let's clarify those doubts now, in this article, learn how to dress at the baptism if you are family, a guest, godfather or godmother of the baptism.

When attending a baptism, questions begin about what we should wear, the colors, the accessories, what is allowed and what is not?

Don't worry, we want to give you the best tips for dressing at the baptism party.

The baptism party is a traditional party, where the etiquette is implemented by whoever performs the event. It is normally a semi-formal event, which involves attendance at a Church to receive the sacrament, at least by the godparents and family members. .

The way you dress will depend on the place, the region, the climate and your own family traditions.

But that does not make it a complicated issue, common sense and decorum are essential when choosing the outfit for the baptism party.

You have to understand that the attention is going to be monopolized by the parents, the godparents and of course the baby.

The dress that mom wears should be focused on being practical, so you must consider two fundamental factors:

In the first case, mom's dress must be designed in two pieces, for her comfort; in the second case, it will depend on whether the weather on the date of the event is very cold or very hot.

How the Baptism Godmother should dress

The baby's godmother is another protagonist in the event, in some cases and only if the godmother and the mother agree, they can choose to combine the style a little.

Whether with the colors or the cut of the dress

Baptisms are usually celebrated on the day, so a dress that reaches the knee or just two fingers above it, is perfect for the event, both for mother, godmother and guests.

Another point that the mother, godmother and guest who attends the church should consider is that she must cover the shoulders and some neckline at the top.

So a shawl or a jacket that matches the dress will work very well.

As for colors, light or pastel colors are recommended, which go very well with the day and the type of event.

Avoid black colors and shiny dresses if possible.

Shorts of any kind.

Tight, provocative, low-cut dresses and blouses, with bare abdomen or sleeveless.

Blouses or dresses with thin straps, with very pronounced necklines, that expose the shoulders or very bare back, avoid transparent suits.

Dresses or skirts with provocative high slits.

Torn, stained or dirty pants.

Any outfit with large logos or distracting messages.

Dresses for mom at Christening

Sober dresses with pastel tones according to the time at which the ceremony will be attended in the Church, is ideal.


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