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Revolution 2020 Movie Tamil Download |BEST|

R2020 is a delightful read. I read it in one shot. Bhagat has made it impossible not to like his books. The story telling is easy, almost casual, as it ought to be in this age and time. It's a typical love story, two guys and a girl, trapped between greed and idealism. It will make a great movie too. No, not Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, which had the same premise but chose to walk a more difficult route. The route of the great classics. R2020 has no such pretensions. It is there to sell copies and make Bhagat and his publishers very rich. The choice is exactly what Aarti faced. And ultimately, like movies are now judged by their box office take and music by the number of paid downloads, books will be judged by their sales. And in that sweepstake, Bhagat has made sure that he leads the pack.

Revolution 2020 movie tamil download

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