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Paint Colors For A Contemporary House Free

There are clear trends when it comes to modern exterior house colors, but modern color schemes are not necessarily one-size-fits-all. Depending on your design style, you might lean toward a sleek aesthetic or something more striking and bold. Furthermore, small details, like the color of the front door or trim, make all the difference with modern homes. Whatever your tastes might be, we have tons of color ideas below to inspire you.

paint colors for a contemporary house

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Embracing a collection of colors from the same family across your ceiling and walls, and on other features such as paneling and trims, can create a luxurious, and well-thought out look that truly celebrates the power of paint and color.

Decorating with neutrals, such as beige, can create a calming, natural and Scandi-inspired space, but beautiful, bright accent colors and plenty of contrasting textures and materials will always be needed to ensure your beige painted scheme is not boring.

As we have explored in this piece, the collections of new colors revealed by paint brands, and favored colors celebrated by industry experts and designers mark an exciting shift towards colorful and impactful painted schemes.

While bright colors can help liven up a room, it's not the only route. Take this neutral-toned living room by Kristin Fine: Soft and texture-rich upholstery mix with off-white paint, rustic wood pieces, and plenty of antique accents to make a surprisingly modern impression with lots of character.

The most popular color for a house exterior is Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. The creamy off-white exterior color looks great on every type of siding including wood, vinyl, brick, fiber cement, and stucco. Alabaster also works as a siding or trim color so it's quite a versatile exterior paint color as well.

Our expert team sorted through all of the trending colors and classic house combinations to make things easy for you. We found the 10 best exterior paint colors from popular brands like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore.

One of the most popular exterior colors for 2022 is Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. Alabaster (SW 7008) is both timeless and on-trend this year as warmer, off-whites are in for exteriors. No question, this is a rare combination for any modern exterior or interior paint color.

Tricorn Black (SW 6258) by Sherwin Williams is another popular color, traditionally used for doors and shutters as an exterior accent. These days, black exteriors are trending and Tricorn Black is a modern choice for a house body or siding color. Indeed, painting your house black can be an option for more contemporary home styles.

A wildly popular exterior dark gray house color is Sherwin Williams Peppercorn (SW 7674). While it can look dark in a fan deck or as a paint swatch, this gray lightens up on exteriors that get lots of natural sunlight. This rich, modern color is a trend-worthy option for cedar shake siding that has staying power.

Peppercorn is a crisp gray paint shade with slight red and blue undertones. Because of this, it works amazingly as a primary shade for homes with red front doors or brick chimneys. Again if you choose Peppercorn as an exterior paint color, make sure your house receives plenty of light.

Looking for a light gray or greige house paint color with some warmth to it? Then Worldly Gray (SW 7043) may be a great option. This exterior gray shade has very passive undertones of green and has an LRV of 57 which is on the low side. A lower LRV or light reflectance value means that it looks better on exteriors with plenty of light.

Iron Ore is also a super popular choice for front doors, garage doors, and exterior trim. No question, adding this deep charcoal paint as an accent can modernize a tired-looking house exterior. You can also pair it with lush landscaping and greenery to bring out earth tones in the shade.

Next, call your local paint store or a local painting contractor and ask about their favorite exterior color schemes. Their painters have likely completed a few house painting projects nearby and can provide valuable feedback.

I love love love your home! We are currently building a home in Denver and I am very inspired by all the colors (or non colors hah) in your house. Thank you so much for all the detailed information! I do have one question however, would you say that your black cabinet color and Tricorn Black SW is fairly similar or what was the reason behind the two different black colors in your home? Looking to possibly do black kitchen cabinets myself but our builder wants to do all Sherwin Williams. Would really appreciate any answer you may have on this, differences, similarities and what sheen you use for the cabinets!

Please note these are not the actual paint colors used in the photos, just close matches. While these modern paint combinations might look great on your screen, remember to always test a sample area on your home before committing to the whole house. Paint colors can change drastically depending on the amount of light/shade, and the material you are painting on.

I know painted brick is trending right now, but I am IN LOVE with this natural brick finish combined with modern black paint. The black architectural elements are the focal point against the neutral brick and cream paint trim. These modern exterior paint colors work so well together.

Classic exterior home colors such as tan and beige are getting an upgrade. And whether your home is a traditional Victorian, Colonial or a Craftsman bungalow, gray-beige or a warm tan will look nice. Try as Colonial Revival Stone (SW 2827) from Sherwin-Williams. And it pairs well with classic white and black, along with a door painted in a deep burgundy or a classic wood stain.

Modern interior design, decor and paint color trends 2013 are influenced by current social and economic factors. The next year trends in decorating will be affected by the global economy and important events changing people and their views, tastes, and preferences. Popular interior design, decor ideas, modern wallpaper patterns, paint colors, and decorative accessories will look brighter and more optimistic at the time of positive changes in the world, and be more intimate and comforting during dramatic events and slow economies.

Subtle interior design and decorating color schemes with soft interior paint colors, like yellowish green, light green, bluish-gray, light gray or stone blue and off white tones, will be attractive choices in 2013 for large surfaces of walls and big pieces of room furniture. Bright color design with bright or dark blue colors, reddish pink or soft orange is trendy. Deep purple and red wine or pinkish purple color tones add beautiful, powerful and contemporary decorative accents to neutral colors and create quiet, but bright color schemes for modern interior design and decorating in 2013.

Soft and diluted interior paint colors and modern wallpaper patterns, combined with a few elements of interior design and decor in vibrant color shades, define the modern interior design color trends 2013. Interior paint is the most popular way of adding color to wall decoration. Selecting the modern interior paint colors is a simple, quick and easy idea to create dramatic changes in interior decorating and add a contemporary flair to your home interiors.

Modern interior paint colors bring a contemporary feel into homes adding freshness and style to traditional and eclectic living spaces. Many people will prefer quick and efficient decorating ideas. Trendy interior paint is an excellent solution for bringing novelty into home interiors in 2013.

Regardless of what interior design and decorating color schemes are selected, people like to include neutral and light tones. White paint colors, light gray color tones, and pale beige create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere while providing an excellent background for bold and exciting decorative accessories and colorful accent wall design.

Here are nine modern interior design and decorating color schemes that will be popular in 2013. Interior color design experts analyzed changes in contemporary lifestyle, economy, technology, art and design and their influences and social impacts on modern interior design and decor, suggesting the most popular home decorating color schemes and interior paint colors 2013.

Neutral color tones, like gray color and off-white paint colors, look fantastic in all home interiors and can be attractively combined with bright room decorating ideas or classic black-n-white color schemes. Dark blue color, purple colors, red and orange paint will be attractive choices for creating accent wall design and adding colorful and very decorative accessories to home decor in a neutral color.

Using pastel hues can help fill the room with uplifting energy and help boost and invigorate a space. To stop the scheme looking too saccharin, choose soft pinks, mustard yellows and dusky teals, in place of purer more white based shades. The beauty of pastels is that they are a great middle-ground between dark paint colors and subtle neutrals.

For 2023 neutral paint color trends we are seeing less of the cool grays and stark whites of the past, and more warmth bring brought into interior spaces thanks to warmer grays and greige paint colors, creamy whites and even shades closer to beige.

As far as paint colors go, neutral colors remain the most popular paint colors for interiors in 2023. The neutral color palette of greige, beige and grey is a great choice when you want to create an interior with a clean, modern feel.

"@context":" ","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":["@type":"Question","name":"What are the trending exterior house colors?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"The following colors are sweeping across the nation right now: Earth tones, black, white, black and white, bold red, and light blue.","@type":"Question","name":"How do I choose an exterior paint color?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"You should always choose a color that excites you and comforts you. Not only should your home feel welcoming to friends and family, but it should feel the same for you. Choose a color that embodies what a home should be to you. However, if you plan on selling your home in the near future, go with a more neutral color. Though you may find the perfect buyer if you go with a bright color, the selling process will likely be more difficult. ","@type":"Question","name":"What colors fade the fastest?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Bright colors are more susceptible to fading because of the effect UV radiation has on them. Bright yellows, blues, or reds will fade more quickly compared to muted colors.","@type":"Question","name":"What colors make a home appear bigger?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"If your home is on the smaller side, a lighter color will make it appear bigger. Think impressionist, pastel colors such as off-gray, milky white, and beige."]


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