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Sickick Frozen On Fire MP3 Download [TOP]

On March 1, 2022, Madonna shared a picture of her and Nigerian singer Fireboy DML on her Instagram, announcing new remix.[99] Two days later, aforementioned remix has been released for digital download and streaming through Artist Partner Group and Warner Records.[100] On the same day, both artists teased a music video on Instagram calling each other "fire", whilst Fireboy DML wrote: "Love to the queen for having me on this classic."[85] This rendition starts with Madonna vocals, later featuring new lyrics performed by the featured artist,[101] which talk about heartbreak: "Don't make me waste my time / I've been waiting all my life".[76][80] He later croons "I thought you loved me / I thought you trusted me / I tried to take care of your heart / but it's frozen."[100] For the outro, the song returns to Madonna's vocals.[76]

Sickick Frozen On Fire MP3 Download

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