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Mims Drug Handbook Free Download Pdfl

nps medicinewise provides free, reliable, independent information on drugs and therapeutics. nps medicinewise produces a number of resources prescribers can rely on to stay informed. australian prescriber covers therapeutic issues and controversies, new drugs and their place in therapy, and provides practical reviews on drug use and diagnostic tests.

Mims Drug Handbook Free Download Pdfl

ausdi provides a full range of features that can be accessed on line including: drug interactions, drug allergy, information on restricted and controlled drugs, pregnancy and lactation, vaccine contraindications, and drug reactions. the database does not include drug interactions reported in the 2001 mims. the national council for therapeutic education (ncte) has an online database of prescribing and drug information for medical students, clinicians, and pharmacists. it also provides links to other ncb databases, including mims.

the national databases also include drug content information and drug interactions. the data are extracted from the drug information sections of the national databases. the information is available for free.

the database provides information on drugs from the five major therapeutic classes (analgesics, anti-infectives, cardiovasculars, central nervous system drugs, and respiratory system drugs) and subclasses, the principal pharmaceutically active ingredient, therapeutic indications, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, adverse effects, and drug interaction data. the therapeutic classes and subclasses are based on the who classification of diseases. the drug information is from the rsc handbook of prescription drugs, plus the british national formulary (bnf) and the british national formulary for children. medlineplus is included in this database.


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