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Herkese Açık·40 üye


Ruby getting up in them gizzardsNeck look like a blizzardKeeping an eye on these snakes in the grass so I move just like a lizardBackwood tastes vanillaPopping pain killersGrip the. 45I feel like the grey gorillaChickenheads flockingThey think I'm a quesadillaBeating up the pussy I must be a lady killerPapa pine break your spineRub her clit like it's a vibeNow she's asking what's my sign so I threw up the *59I'm the lord of the 7th wardPick the lock of heaven's doorFeel no need to settle scoresLeave pussies red and soreNever called her back she breaking down like metalcoreEverybody steals my sauce like they fiending for peppercornCheck the scoreGREY*59 5 and 0 in the 4thWhat a choreRolled a blunt so big we'll have to light it with a torchWhip looks like it might've lost the second world warRuby such an animal7th ward dragonWhen I breathe it's fucking flammableKeep my click tight and isolated like we cannibalsAll these fucking chainsYou would think I'm wearing mannaclesYea bitch, tell what's happeningDick so big I'll turn her pussy to the grand canyonAll my haters pussy like I keep on smelling salmonKeep it old schoolI might pull up with a cannonYeah bitch tell me what it isWake up with a smile picking out the right fitOj in the morning like I stabbed a white bitchEvery color in the fucking rainbow sucked my white dick




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