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Download Speakout Pre-intermediate PDF: A Comprehensive English Course for Adults

This study explores the differential effect of two types of corrective feedback strategies - explicit and implicit - on the acquisition and retention of correct past form of irregular verbs by Iranian English as Foreign Language (EFL) learners. Sixty out of 80 pre-intermediate EFL learners were selected as the participants, based on their performance on Key English Test (KET); their scores were between one standard deviation (SD) above and below the mean (M). Thereafter, they were randomly assigned into two experimental groups: the explicit group (N = 30) who received explicit corrective feedback and the implicit group (N = 30), who received implicit feedback. Results indicate that the explicit group outperformed the implicit group on the immediate and delayed post-tests. The findings of this study have theoretical and pedagogical implications for teachers. Feedback strategy provides teachers with information on effective teaching and student comprehension, and encourages them to use technology in a way that reduces anxiety and facilitates social learning.

This study investigates the effect of corrective feedback through e-mail on the correct use of the past forms of irregular verbs by Iranian pre-intermediate EFL learners in written communication format. In Iran, no attempt has ever been made to assess the effectiveness of corrective feedback via email in the correct use of English past tense. Therefore, the findings of this study might help to enhance the practices of EFL for teachers and learners. Previous studies have revealed that high school students have a great deal of problems with target language syntax and proper use of structures. Therefore, this study attempts to accentuate syntactic and structural problems and offer strategies to enhance learners' ability to successfully deal with problems of this sort.

speakout pre intermediate pdf

The population from which participants were chosen included 80 female Iranian pre-intermediate EFL learners. Their native language was Persian. From among them, 60 learners were selected as the participants of the study based on their performance on KET (2009), developed by Cambridge; their scores fell between one SD above and below the M. Thereafter, they were randomly assigned into two groups: experimental group 1 (N = 30) that received explicit corrective feedback and experimental group 2 (N = 30) that got implicit feedback after sending their mail to the researcher. The limited number of learners at the mentioned high school did not allow the researcher to have a control group similar to experimental groups.

Some other studies highlight the positive effect of technology on improving different language skills as well as components. Findings of the study conducted by Motallebzadeh and Amirabadi (2011) indicated that e-collaboration/e-partnering could improve learners writing skills if integrated into the EFL curriculum designed for pre-intermediate level.


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